Dive into the Cosmos: Unveiling the Mechanics of the Galaxy & White Paper V2!

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3 min readAug 14, 2023


Greetings, space explorers and cosmic adventurers! The wait has been long, but like all great interstellar journeys, it promises to be worth it. Prepare to be illuminated with a sneak peek into the mechanics of the Galaxy and the treasures embedded in our latest White Paper V2.

Setting the Course: Why the Galaxy?

First and foremost, what is this journey about? User acquisition, fostering partnerships, and deepening engagement. The Galaxy isn’t just another virtual universe; it’s an innovative storytelling platform. It seamlessly blends entertainment with strategic growth tools, propelling our community to engage, explore, and evolve.

Embarking on the Nebulas: More than Just Stars in the Sky

Nebulas stand at the forefront of our cosmos, serving as mission hubs. Through Nebulas, we encourage users to undertake a range of tasks, from mundane actions like joining our Discord or following our Twitter, to more intricate engagements such as participating in initial token offerings of budding projects.

Yes, you read that right! The Galaxy doubles as a launchpad. Every new project could merit an exclusive Saga map, tailored with objectives that help users learn about the project while facilitating token sales and investments.

Each Nebula, apart from being a launchpad, is an educational zone, a challenge arena, and a treasure trove, all in one. Here, users can discover, learn, and gather assets and upgrades, crucial for navigating the cosmos.

Wiggies: Your Cosmic Sidekicks

Think of Wiggies as your in-game companions. They’re not just eye candy; they play an instrumental role in confronting monsters, unlocking gates, and retrieving keys essential for unearthing treasures. They work in harmony with cards, assisting you in breaching barriers and unlocking new paths.

Candies: Not Just a Sweet Treat

There’s more to candies than meets the eye. These delightful entities come in various types, each with its unique capability to develop specific Wiggies. Want to boost your Wiggy’s prowess? Feed them the right candy!

Acquiring Cosmic Assets: A Dual Avenue

While Nebulas offer a direct route to accumulate in-game assets, there’s another avenue open for users. Enter the Marketplace. If you’re on the lookout for specific assets or want to purchase ones you missed, this is your go-to hub. It’s a bustling space where users can buy, sell, or even trade assets, fostering a thriving ecosystem.

Moreover, our official Galaxy store will offer a curated collection, aiding those looking to enrich their cosmic inventory directly.

Charting the Future: Get Ready, Early Explorers!

With our official launch on the horizon, there’s a special treat in store for our early users and holders. Exclusive rewards, rare assets, and unique experiences await. So, gear up, and ensure you’re ready to make the most of this celestial spectacle.

Thank you for embarking on this pre-launch journey with us. As we inch closer to the official release, we’re brimming with excitement and anticipation. Together, let’s traverse the Galaxy, uncover its mysteries, and chart a course towards unparalleled adventures!

Happy Exploring! 🚀



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