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2 min readMar 4, 2024

Fantom’s New Sonic Upgrade Primed to Unlock Scaling for WigoSwap’s Leading DEX

Earlier, leading blockchain Fantom achieved major milestones on its anticipated layer-1 advancement dubbed “Sonic” across metrics including transaction throughput and storage efficiency. As pioneers operating a high-performance DEX on Fantom since 2022, WigoSwap stands ready to integrate these upgrades to scale to new heights.

Sonic-Enabled Scalability

Initial Sonic testing demonstrated the ability to handle nearly 10X more requests per second compared to Fantom’s current Opera mainnet. This enormous lift results from innovations like the Fantom Virtual Machine (FVM), which optimizes smart contract execution.

For WigoSwap, this unlocks the potential to reliably support higher trade volumes without congestion or degraded performance, even amid volatile sessions. By combining the FVM’s scalability with existing WigoSwap offerings like atomic swaps, deep liquidity pools and multi-chain support, the platform can achieve unprecedented scale.

Dramatically Faster Infrastructure

Additional Sonic milestones include slashing the storage and sync speeds for archive nodes by 90% and 10X respectively compared to Opera. This allows essential network infrastructure providers to spin up validator nodes much quicker and reduce operating expenses.

While faster node synchronization doesn’t directly impact swap settlement times, lower barriers to run the supporting architecture expands Fantom’s decentralization and security. As pioneers dedicated to accelerating DeFi adoption, WigoSwap champions this direction.

The Outlook for Frictionless Trading

As Sonic moves towards full mainnet deployment in coming months, the WigoSwap engineering team actively integrates key innovations in areas like scaling transaction throughput to bolster capabilities. With copious development activity, the stage is set for Fantom’s next major expansion phase.

By combining Sonic’s unlocks with existing offerings, WigoSwap realizes the vision for lightning-fast swaps and maximum liquidity across Fantom and connected chains – all with rock-bottom fees. The new era of DeFi is imminent.

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