WigoGalaxy V2.0: Scaling New Heights in Fantom GameFi with 2000+ Registered Users

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3 min readJul 24, 2023


With the upcoming launch of WigoGalaxy V2.0, we are thrilled to share our story of progress and innovation shaped by data-driven decisions, grounded in practical innovation, and kindled by the collective spirit of our community. The evolution of WigoGalaxy began with a bustling marketplace that saw the exchange of over 3,300 Wiggies — our test NFT assets, trading ~300,000 FTM.

Born from the innovative foundation of WigoSwap, we embarked on a mission to craft an engaging blockchain experience. Our ambition to simplify blockchain interactions while delivering thrilling adventures in the DeFi realm has materialized in the form of WigoGalaxy, offering much more than a conventional DeFi platform. We welcome you to a galactic odyssey waiting to be explored.

Charting the Evolution: WigoGalaxy V2.0

The inception of WigoSwap heralded the dawn of an immersive, gamified universe for our users. The valuable insights and iterative refinement driven by our user profile system and achievements have enabled us to align our pathway with the pulse of our community.

This pursuit has culminated in the creation of WigoGalaxy V2.0 — an inventive platform combining the dynamism of GameFi and the Fantom ecosystem to deliver a captivating experience. Standing on the verge of this groundbreaking launch, we are geared up to spearhead the GameFi space.

Before we step into the future, we offer our eager explorers an exclusive preview of WigoGalaxy. Subscribe to our email list within the next week for initial glimpses and early access to hidden quests.

Beyond the Horizon: WigoGalaxy V3.0

Looking beyond the V2.0 launch, we are excited to unveil innovations that will further enhance the user experience. In WigoGalaxy V3.0, we will be implementing account abstraction and gas subsidies, paving the way for an even more streamlined and user-friendly platform.

Tailored Adventures Dashboard: In the forthcoming WigoGalaxy V3.0, we’re building personalized narratives for each DApp on every chain! We’re preparing to welcome an influx of users from across various blockchain communities to our ecosystem starting in two weeks.

Account Abstraction: A user-friendly onboarding process is a cornerstone of our V3.0 updates. With account abstraction, we are reducing the complexities of blockchain technology, making WigoGalaxy accessible to a broad spectrum of users.

Gas Subsidies: As part of our Fantom roadmap 2023, gas subsidies will be integrated into V3.0. This advancement eliminates the need for initial tokens to cover all gas costs, allowing transactions to be initiated by anyone and paid for in multiple tokens.

A Leap Forward: WigoSwap to WigoGalaxy

The launch of WigoGalaxy V2.0 signifies a transformative leap in the WigoSwap journey and the wider Fantom ecosystem. As pioneers, we are pushing the boundaries of blockchain, NFTs, and GameFi.

We envision more than just a vibrant universe. We’re building a community where economic strategy, creativity, and pleasure intersect, fostering growth, learning, and enjoyment.

We owe the success of this incredible journey to the undying support of the WigoSwap community. As we count down to the launch, we invite you to join us on this thrilling ride into WigoGalaxy.

The storm is upon us. Welcome to WigoGalaxy V2.0.

And, what about the early adopters of Wiggies? As we refine Wiggies to be a more precise tool for unearthing blockchain rewards, we are not forgetting our early supporters. Their faith in our vision will be recognized, and they will continue to hold a special place in our journey.

Join the waitlist and don’t miss the opportunities ahead!



Wigo Ecosystem

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